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Alabama Renaissance Faire
Featured Performers and Activities

Andrew's Legend

Andrew's Legend

features a blend of Irish tunes infused with original ballads, modern favorites, and Celtic folk songs. Rich vocals are accompanied by guitar, Irish tin whistle, bodhrán, and mandolin.

Around the Curtain Children’s Choir.jpg

Around the Curtain Children’s Theatre ​​

Around the Curtain is dedicated to the creation of exceptional and transformative theatrical productions that are performed and supported by and for children of North Alabama, whether they are on stage or off.

Astoria Scrivner  (Village Historian)

 Astoria Scrivner

(Village Historian)


Attempting to become the Village Know-It-All, she is currently the Village Know-It-Some! She revels in the history of the Tudor and Elizabethan Courts, thus making history fun to learn!

Barehead Bards

Barehead Bards

 are a traveling Gaelic pub band performing traditional Irish and Scottish folk tunes.

The ensemble includes singing, fiddle, guitar, banjo, bouzouki, and tin whistle.

Dragon Tales

Somewhere in the park is a magical dragon who sells ice cream and loves to tell stories! 

Ask him to tell you one of his Dragon Tales!

Dragon Tales
"Duchess" Lizzy Fleete

“Duchess” Lizzy Fleete

is Alabama Renaissance Faire's resident unworthy poor beggar, groveler, carrot- enthusiast, kisser of feet, praiser of magnificence, and footstool to Royalty. Having grown up in the somber shadow of the Fleet Debtor’s Prison, Lizzy learned fine manners from  the incarcerated noble-folk while running errands for a coin. After losing her carrot farmer husband (or possibly just misplacing him on purpose), Lizzy became a member of the unworthy poor, and sought a career as a lowly minion and beggar.

The Egilsson Society Living History Encampment provides demonstrations of food preparation, medieval medicine, and weaponry.

The Egilsson Society is happy to present to you a slice of life from the 17th century.  Within our encampment, you will find people from all walks of life, with a wondrous host of abilities.  You will find cooks and blacksmiths, a lovely apothecary and a young barber surgeon, wood workers and seamstresses.  Trained fighters spar with one another, perfecting their martial art.  All of this, contained within a military styled encampment, for your entertainment and to provide an educational experience.  To add an extra spice for your visit to our encampment, our fabulous fighters provide live steel, unarmored combat demonstrations twice daily.  Come and enjoy the show! Stay awhile and get to know the people who have spent years learning their trades and perfecting their arts.  Interested in getting involved and joining the society? You have only to find a member of the society and they will tell you how. 

In addition to their demonstrations, the Egilsson Society will offer goods for sale!

The Egilsson Society Blacksmith
Egilsson Society Swordfighters
Egilsson Society Blacksmith Demonstration
Egilsson Society Tent Encampment
Egilsson Society Cookfire
Empire of Medieval Pursuits

The Empire of Medieval Pursuits

is a non-profit organization dedicated to the re-creation and enjoyment of the realities, myths, and legends of the Ancient Medieval world. Our purpose is to provide a forum through which individuals can come together in order to share a mutual interest in the celebration of the arts, customs, and ideologies of diverse and ancient cultures.

View their wares as well as their demonstrations!

Enchanted Rainbow Bubbles


Super large bubbles enjoyed by all ages.

Swords, shields, mugs, crossbows,

and more will be offered for purchase.

Eric Faraskáld

plays in the lanes and teaches his love of music and the harp to anyone who stops to listen. 

Eric is a gracious and talented addition to our faire!

Eric Faraskáld
glitter tattoo_edited.jpg

Fairy Hair Pop Up

The fairies offer a variety of tinsel hair and glitter tattoos to add some sparkle to your day. Our team of experts will help you choose the perfect combination to make you feel like a fairy tale princess. 

(20+) Facebook

Fairy hair.jpg

Frigg and Frac, Rogues of the Renaissance!


Ezmarelda Frigga N Fracas Meatsop, scoundrels and denizens  of Newcastle village, will be visiting the

Alabama Renaissance Faire!

Ezmarelda Frigga N Fracas Meatsop (@friggnfrac) • Instagram photos and videos

(1) Frigg & Frac | Facebook


Galileo Galilei

Look through Galileo's wondrous telescope to learn more about the Sun, the Stars, and the Universe known to the 17th century!


Jon Ray

Listen for the haunting tunes of our Bagpiper as he plays in the lanes!


Once per day Jon will lead the Royal Processional through the festival grounds.

Don't miss out on the chance to join the procession and immerse yourself in the magical atmosphere of the Renaissance era.

Joyful Noise

An a cappella group originally specializing in Dickensian Christmas Carols will transform themselves into a Medieval/Renaissance choral group to make their debut on Saturday morning. Check the schedule for the exact performance time, and perhaps you may hear individuals perform in the lanes throughout the weekend.   


From the highlands of Scotland, and the

Moor-infested lands of Spain

two men met upon the high seas

and decided to share their love of

Celtic and Pirate music

with the masses . . . .

These wandering troubadours can be found throughout the park, in the lanes, performing on both stages during the day, and often provide the music for the spontaneous Maypole Dance.

While LandLoch'd will wander the lanes, look for a vendor booth nearby! 


LandLoch'd - Celtic and Pirate Music (

Lady Elizabeth and Lord Dudley

Enjoy a cappella performances by the Royal Court Singers

in the lanes. 

photo: Soulcatching Photography

Lord Patrick and Lady Elizabeth
L.U.T.E. the Living Statue

 L.U.T.E., the Living Statue, represents a time when the Church was the greatest patron of the Arts flourishing in the Renaissance.


In the midst of the magic of the

Alabama Renaissance Faire,

L.U.T.E. encourages guests to

Lift. Up. Thine. Eyes.



is comprised of Jon and Lisa Butts. Jon plays the guitar and Lisa plays both the hammered dulcimer and the recorder. She also has a beautiful singing voice!


Menagerie's performances occur throughout the day. They can be found beside the

Renaissance Faire Information Booth located opposite the Fountain from the

Royal Pavilion.

Be sure to buy a cd or two so you can enjoy their music at home!

Mordecai Galand

Mordecai Galand

(aka Mort the Mage)

performs magic and dispenses wisdom in the lanes.


 Piccina Dreamer 

is a wandering bard from the 16th century. She loves to improv on her flute and bring tranquility to the folks of the lanes. 

Inquire through email

Piccina Dreamer | Facebook

The Rainbow Dancers

are a favorite at both the Alabama Renaissance Feast & Faire. Lady Wiporwil, Queen of the Rainbow Dancers, leads this ever-evolving dance troupe.

They perform continuously at the faire. Look for their Conical Dwelling located on the corner of N. Seminary St. and E. Tombigbee St.

They also have cool wares for sale! Minerals, crystals, dance accessories, and jewelry are just a few of their offerings!

Rainbow Dancers
HEMA Battle Demo
HEMA Studio Practice

Historical European martial arts (HEMA) refers to a variety of martial arts of European origin, particularly fencing systems which have died out long ago. The HEMA movement seeks to recreate these arts through the study of manuals and treatises written in the times when these arts were still in active use.

View their wares as well as their demonstrations!

Rocket City HEMA - Huntsville's Sword Fighting School

larp sword.jpg

James Seeley

Get ready to join the ultimate battle experience with James, the expert battle instructor! With his various over-sized foam weapons, you'll learn the art of combat and become a skilled fighter in no time. James will give you pointers on how to use your armament correctly, and after the mock battle, winners can be pitted against others from the crowd for an adrenaline-pumping showdown! Don't miss out on this thrilling adventure!

The Shire of Glynn Rhe


The Shire of Glynn Rhe

is a local chapter of the S.C.A. (Society of Creative Anachronism),

dedicated to the research and re-creation of pre-17th century European history.


They invite you to check them out if you have ever had the dream of seeing what it was like to fight in armored combat like a knight, or dance courtly dances far into the evening, or feast at great feasts with kings and barons and other nobles!

View their wares as well as their demonstrations!

Wonder Elixir of Life Company

The Wonder Elixir of Life show

is a classic, Renaissance-era 'medicine show' in the style of the Mountebanks of the Tudor Era and beyond. Drawing on many sources, and speaking in some of the smoothest fast-patter around, our characters extol the virtues of their 'amazing elixir' and continue to delight and entertain the audience in the meantime with small routines of 'fortune telling', magic, and humor.


Please visit their booth at the faire!​

Wonder Elixir of Life (

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