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Alabama Renaissance Faire 
Programs and Community Outreach

     The Alabama Renaissance Faire partners with the Florence-Lauderdale Public Library and the University of North Alabama to present our annual "Cast a Long Shadow" Lecture Series. Our mission statement is to educate about the Medieval and Renaissance Eras through entertainment. The rebirth of learning during the Renaissance "Cast a Long Shadow" that we still celebrate today through our community outreach programs. 

The Lecture Series takes place from 2 p.m. - 3 p.m. on three Sundays in October at the Florence-Lauderdale Public Library on Wood Avenue in Florence, Alabama.


2023 Lecture Series

Visit our Alabama Renaissance Faire YouTube Channel to watch videos of this year's lectures. Subscribe to receive notifications for when the videos premiere.

Shakespeare's Supernatural

Sunday, Oct. 8, 1 pm, Norton Auditorium's choir room: Dr. Carl Franks of UNA's English Dept: "Shakespeare's Supernatural: Fairies, Ghosts, and Witches." Dr. Franks will discuss fairies, ghosts and witches from several of Shakespeare's plays such as Macbeth, Hamlet, A Midsummer Night's Dream, and The Tempest.

The Secrets of Margaret Clitherow

Sunday, October 15, 2 pm, Florence-Lauderdale Public Library colonnade: Dr. Nancy Atkinson of UNA's English Dept.: "The Secrets of Margaret Clitherow." Lady Margaret, known as "the Pearl of York," the stepdaughter of the Lord Mayor of York, Henry May,  was an English Catholic who was martyred in 1586 for harboring Catholic priests. 

For Fear He Turn Them Out: Burn Marks and Popular Magic in Tudor England

Sunday, October 22, 2 pm, Florence-Lauderdale Public Library colonnade: Dr. Ben Lowe of UNA's History Dept.: "'For Fear He Turn them Out': Burn-Marks and Popular Magic in Tudor England". Dr. Lowe will examine Tudor superstitions and popular magic used to trap or ward off evil spirits. 

2022 Lecture Topics:

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2021 Lecture Topics

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