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Alabama Renaissance Faire
Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Alabama Renaissance Faire?

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The Official Alabama Renaissance Faire is one of the longest-running all-volunteer events in the nation, having served the community through both education and entertainment for more than three decades.  The time period for the Faire is 1100 to 1650, which covers both the Medieval and Renaissance eras of Europe.

When is the Alabama Renaissance Faire?

It is always held on the fourth Saturday and Sunday in October. The dates for the 2023 faire are October 28th & 29th. Saturday hours are 10 a.m. to 6 p.m, and Sunday hours are Noon to 6 p.m. The new King or Queen is always crowned at 3 p.m. on Sundays, followed by a procession.

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Where is the Alabama Renaissance Faire located?

Just like the harvest fairs which were held during the Middle Ages and Renaissance, we hold our festival in a one-city block public park, Wilson Park, in the center of downtown Florence, AL .

We are a two-hour drive SW of Nashville, TN, or a two-hour drive NW of Birmingham, AL. 

How Much Does It Cost?

Admission and Parking are free.

Please bring cash to generously tip our performers, as many of them are dependent upon gratuities.

Plan to splurge on buying unique items offered by our merchants, and plan to stay all day and buy lunch from our food vendors! 

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What Happens in Inclement Weather?

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The Alabama Renaissance Faire is a rain-or shine event, as long as weather conditions do not pose a danger to patrons, performers, or vendors. 

May I Bring Weapons to the Faire as Props or Accessories?

These type of weapons are permitted at our Faire.  We ask that you make sure to “peace-tie” any swords or knives that you bring with you.  By “peace-tie" we mean that your bladed weapon must be tied to the sheath/scabbard in such a way that prevents you from being able to draw it. For other prop weapons, please use common sense and do not wave them around, as the park is usually crowded.


Is the Faire Handicapped Accessible?

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The grounds are in a city park, so there are many concrete paths, however some of our vendors are in grassy areas or on slight inclines.

Are Restrooms Available?

Privies, aka Porta-Potties, are located on the corners of the park. We suggest bringing a small bottle of hand sanitizer as there are currently no handwashing stations.


Public restrooms are also available across the street in the Florence-Lauderdale Public Library, but the library does close before the faire. 

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May I Bring My Pet?

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Due to the size of the park and the crowds, your pets may be happier at home. 

Pets are permitted, but dogs must be leashed. If you are not responsible for your pet, you may be asked to leave the park.

Please remember that Lords and Ladies walk these grounds and do not wish to soil their garb, so please clean up after your furbabies!

Be aware that not all faire-goers will be enthused to meet animals, so be considerate of their feelings.

May We Wear Costumes?

By all means! Festival guests are absolutely encouraged to come in costume! It adds immeasurably to the fun and appearance of our Faire.

Click here for tips about creating garb from the modern closet.

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